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Yom Shabbat, 28 Kislev 5775

The mission of the Membership Committee is to provide prospective members with information about joining our Temple Community, and provide new and current members with opportunities to create connections so that they feel part of the Temple. In order to achieve these objectives, we have built on the strength of the programming established by previous membership committees while continuing to add some new programs.


The Membership Committee promotes membership to Temple Shalom to prospective members through participation in multiple community days. Attached above are an all inclusive education brochure that covers the Temple's activities from nursery school through to adult education as well as a brochure that covers how non-Jewish family members can participate in Temple activities. In addition, members of the membership committee attend the Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur and Tashlich services that are open to the community to speak with many prospective members. 


New members to the Temple become part of a year long cycle of Membership Committee welcoming activities including a new member orientation where they have the opportunity to meet each other as well as Temple leadership and learn the basics of how the Temple operates, a new Member Shabbat where these families are formally welcomed into our Temple family, and a dinner at Rabbi and Samantha Malinger’s home where they have another opportunity to get to know each other.


We honored our 36 year members alongside our 18 year and 25 year members at the annual Milestone Shabbat service. This recognition of our long-standing Temple members enabled the entire congregation to give their thanks to this special group of people.


The Membership Committee is always looking for new committee members as well as new ideas to help enhance temple membership. Please contact Ed Young if you are interested