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Yom Shabbat, 28 Kislev 5775

From the President

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A few weeks ago at my inauguration, along with Charles, Kendal,and Joe, I laid out my vision for the first of our next 50 years at Temple Shalom. For those of you who weren't able to join us at services, my vision included:

- Continued growth of member engagement

- More organized use of volunteers who have time and are able to help in the newly formed Temple Shalom Volunteer Corps run by co-volunteer coordinators Ruth Queen and Dorothy Lake.

- Increased communication including periodic notes like this one from me with updates on temple happenings with a new and improved website coming soon. 

- More partnership both inside our temple and with other reform temples in Monmouth County.

- Planning for a more stable financial future with a plan to create an endowment for the temple for the first time.  And, on a smaller note, the ability to receive donations from our website.  That ability is there for you today at  Try it today. :-).

Finally, I would like to again echo my thanks to Paul Robinson for leading us as president as we completed our first 50 years. Paul did a tremendous job leading us, quite literally, through stormy weather to a very successful conclusion of our first 50 years.

I am very excited to lead us to start our next 50 years.  Should you have questions or comments, please write me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

From Our Board


Allow us to suggest that membership in Temple Shalom is a covenantal relationship. The Temple has responsibilities to each and every one of our members, just as every member bears responsibilities to their Temple community. This responsibility includes supporting the congregation financially, finding a way to share your passion and talent with your community and reaching out when others in our community need our help. Together, we have an opportunity and privilege to help shape Temple Shalom as a place where our Jewish memories are made, where our rich and abiding heritage is passed from generation to generation, and a place where we feel the strength and comfort of a community.

Join a Temple Committee

Temple Shalom is primarily run by volunteers who serve as our officers, trustees, and as chairs and members of our committees. Many of our members find great reward volunteering their time and value how the experience brings them closer to others in our community. Many of our committees are actively seeking new members right now including our Facilities, Worship, Youth, Membership and Adult Jewish Growth committees. Make your community stronger and increase your sense of belonging by joining a committee today. See you at Temple!

Take the Next Step

Would you be interested in serving your Temple Community by joining a committee or working on a special project? Whether you serve on a committee or plan for a special event or program, we can always benefit from your participation.

Your involvement strengthens our Temple and increases your sense of belonging.

Contact President Elliot Olschwang to discuss where you would best fit in.

See You at Temple!