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Yom Rishon, 29 Kislev 5775

Referring to the Torah (all of Jewish learning) and meaning "Tree of Life," Eitz Chaim is the name of our Life-Long Learning Program here at Temple Shalom.  From the children in our schools to our adults, each member of Temple Shalom can create his or her own leaf on one of the many branches of learning we offer.

Like a tree, our learning opportunities will grow along with the number of members choosing to participate in "Talmud Torah," the study of Jewish tradition and practice.  Each person will have the opportunity to create his or her own individualized learning program by choosing from the varied and growing list of options available. Choose as much or as little as you are able to do-it's your unique program that's easy and fun!  Explore all of the options Temple Shalom has available to you, and enjoy your journey of life-long Jewish learning!