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Yom Rishon, 29 Kislev 5775

The goal of the Post Confirmation (11th & 12th grade) years is to give our students an opportunity to explore what’s next as they get ready to enter the next phase of their lives after high school. Speakers from various organizations will come in to present topics to the 11th and 12th graders to get them thinking about the years ahead.  Our Post Confirmation students will be offered the opportunity to experience Jewish learning and worship services in another city in the United States.  Students will experience some of the history of each unique Jewish community by celebrating Shabbat at a local synagogue, visiting museums, and enjoying local food and entertainment. This trip will be an unforgettable opportunity for the group to bond together and strengthen their relationships to each other and the Jewish people.   Their studies will culminate in a Graduation service in the spring.